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Tinga Tinga Tales Intro Video On-line!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tiger Aspect on-line have uploaded the intro video for Tinga Tinga Tales. Inspired by African Stories and developed to match international¬† sensibilites, I’m hoping this series will be appreciated by kids¬† everywhere. Not just children but anyone who loves a good story. The intro video¬† shows a snippet of what I promise you is a beautifully conceived show.

We are past the halfway mark on animation I think episode 30 (of 52) is starting animation in a few weeks. A lot of hard work has gone into this show and some of the episodes are truly spectacular. It’s also the reason why I focussed less on my clients and halted production on my own animated short. Its not a great feeling having to look at puppets that you’re too tired to animate everyday, but I guess that it’ll only be 10 months before I pick Olokut up again.

Ok, here it is. Remember, its a visual snippet:

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