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And the cast is….


Kirumburu Nganga as Omulosi.

An omulosi is a traditional healer usually but in this case I am making him a rain maker. I hope my people will forgive me. And if they don’t I can always say he needed to diversify for economic gain. Kirumburu is an actor and works in the advertising agency. I had seen him in a film called Dangerous Affair and thought that his voice in that film was really cold and gruff. Just the thing I needed for an Omulosi who’s turned his back on the world.

Amina Darani as Amina.

For Olokut’s wife I needed someone who could nag like crazy. Amina in real life is nothing like that, but I felt her voice has that quality. We were both in university together and she works in The UN now as a graphic designer.


Terry Wangari as Lemayan.

I was looking for a print-shop in town an hour before a meeting a year ago so I get into Caxton house and find one. The lady I transacted with had a natural kid voice. I couldn’t get it out of my head for days so I went back and talked to her about the project. She signed on.


Pastor Gowi Odera as Olokut.

The lead voice was difficult for me. I had tried many times unsuccessfully to get other people to take the part. I think they just weren’t feeling the whole idea. I even tried using a studio voice data bank, but that fell through. I tried for the part myself (to save money and at my girlfriend’s suggestion) but my voice came out emotionally flat (sucks!).

So I asked around and got Gowi’s contact. Seeing my desperation and having seen my last short film he agreed to read the script and then he got on board. It took months to actually do the recording thanks to both our busy schedules but we finally got it done last Tuesday. The man powered through the script in 25 minutes doing one takes on several scenes. Not surprising seeing as he has years of acting experience behind him.

Having just completed the animatic I can say the voices match up against the characters and work well together. I was concerned somewhat seeing as the actors and actresses recorded separately but all that was laid to rest when I saw the whole film for the first time.

So there it is folks. The full voice cast. As promised. I will need voices to do cows and chickens in future. Give me a shout if you want in on the action.

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So, What is Olokut About?

On a grand scale, this is what it’s about:

On a smaller scale (pun intended) it’s about a man who goes to great lengths to ensure that his son can inherit a better world than the one he lives in. I developed the idea for the contest on global warming.

I could have done a skit or something more like an animated illustration, but I really wanted to do a more cinematic piece. Something that would seem to be an extension of my previous short film, except this time in stop-motion.

So a week was spent thumbnailing, and from these thumbnails a story emerged. It was great, because this is how they initially developed cartoons in the thirties. No script. Just storyboards that were worked and re-worked until the gags were perfect. then they wrote the script. In retrospect I’m glad i did this because I may have gotten stuck somewhere in the middle if I tried to write out the script first. It was much easier for me to flesh out the idea in sketches, and then write the script. It also worked well because I could immediately trash ideas that weren’t working out well visually and and come up with better ideas. This may very well be the method I use to develop future short animations.

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Hello world!

Welcome to the on-line chronicle of the production of my next animated short, Olokut. My aim is to outline the production process right here over the next few months until the film is completed.

I will be animating this film alone so I want this to be a record of how I will overcome the various production challenges that come from funding and shooting your own animated short.


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