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Tinga Tinga Tales Intro Video On-line!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Tiger Aspect on-line have uploaded the intro video for Tinga Tinga Tales. Inspired by African Stories and developed to match international  sensibilites, I’m hoping this series will be appreciated by kids  everywhere. Not just children but anyone who loves a good story. The intro video  shows a snippet of what I promise you is a beautifully conceived show.

We are past the halfway mark on animation I think episode 30 (of 52) is starting animation in a few weeks. A lot of hard work has gone into this show and some of the episodes are truly spectacular. It’s also the reason why I focussed less on my clients and halted production on my own animated short. Its not a great feeling having to look at puppets that you’re too tired to animate everyday, but I guess that it’ll only be 10 months before I pick Olokut up again.

Ok, here it is. Remember, its a visual snippet:

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Genesis: Kenyan Animation Event

I have been so tied up working on Tinga Tinga tales and other projects, that I found that Olokut’s production slipped into hiatus. I need a roadmap to figure out how to complete this film. In the meantime, I’ll use this blog for other stories.

Stories like the Association of Animation Artistes (A3) symposium dubbed  Genesis. Working in partnership with the British Council, The Ministry of Information and Communication and Unesco, the event is meant to present a business case for the animation industry. What that means is if you require animation services in Kenya or are trying to figure out how to create an animated production, then there will be panelists there from the industry who will talk you through the business and logistical side of animation production.

genesis poster final

Paula Callus from UK’s Bournemouth University will also talk about the history of African animation and there will be workshops as well as a showcase of the best of Kenyan animation in the afternoon.  All this takes place at the British Council next Saturday Starting at ten.

UPDATE: the A3 site hasn’t been fully set up yet but to register for the workshops simply send a mail to Also Click here to view the schedule.

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