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This just in…

…and now we have someĀ  complications.

  1. 1. After shooting the drumming scenes Maena (bless him) needed his lights and green screen back so I have to find some way to substitute these. Fortunately I am starting a new scene, so I’m not too worried about switching lights as opposed to doing the same in the middle of a scene. The drumming scenes were fundamental to the whole film and having the Lowel lights and the screen made shooting it a lot more painless. The new green screen consists 2 pieces of joined cloth with a huge seam in between. It suck, but will have to do for now.
  2. Olokut just broke his shoulder, and the Omulosi puppet lost some fingers after the drumming sequences. I need to ensure that both puppets are structurally sound before shooting.
  3. I begin production on an animated series in September so this gives me five weeks left to shoot. No pressure.


The drumming scenes are looking great!

I am now gearing up for the first (sequential) scenes in the film right now. I want to start shooting on monday. I found out that Olokut’s shoulder was broken yesterday and this made me strip down both arms for re-building. I will also make an extra set of hands just in case they need replacement during shooting.

I am also designing a chicken for use in the first scenes. I had to build two actually, one for close-ups and one that Olokut will carry and throw on his bicycle.

The bicycle is a very important part of the story. I got it from a wire-maker in Kisumu who specialises in making them. Initially I hadn’t planned to have it in the film, but I looked at the storyboard and felt that having it in would be potentially interesting for the film. Then I looked at the bicycle and saw that it fit Olokut perfectly. I made slight modifications so that It could be animated, but that little bicycle model was a godsend.


The Damage Report 2

So far I am in the region of three and a half minutes out of 12. I’m still closing in on finishing three scenes, but that’s because the I’m still animating the drumming sequence. I was going to cut it short to move on to other scenes; In fact, the footage I have now is just enough to tell the story; but after reviewing the assembly Thursday, I really felt that it needed to be the original length so that the audience could enjoy the performance. It felt like it needed that extra bit so that it becomes a truly complete scene. I also took the time to repeat one shot that I felt was really important to the whole story, but wasn’t animated to my satisfaction. I feel really happy with the scene now and that’s a good thing considering that it is one of the biggest scenes in the film and one of the most technically challenging. Having said that I’m out of patience and short of time so I want to wrap up the additional shots and start work on the other scenes.

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