Production Upgrade / Working with Gimp

09 May

I upgraded my lights thanks to Maena Mucoki who was kind enough to lend me his Lowell Kit and a green screen as well. I owe him big time. The green screen is 8 ft square and the light kit has two TOTA lights and one OMNI light. A huge improvement from my simple reading lamp with a really bright energy saver.

Keying is going to be 80 percent easier with this equipment because I can get a consistent green on the plates. The puppet I’m using keeps breaking, but I am used to that happening by now.

I’m not using Gimp anymore thanks to that unworkable window system. Having given it some thought the best way to work with GIMP without losing your mind is to have a dual monitor setup. That way you can throw the palettes on one screen and save one screen for your working window. I don’t have a second screen right now so… no GIMP. They have made quite a bit of headway in development so I’ll be sure to give it a try sometime in the future. Maybe around version 2.5 that promises to fix the UI.

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Posted by on May 9, 2008 in Principal Photography


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