Stop Motion Pro

14 Mar

I must say that having used STOP MOTION PRO 5 on this production has to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. It works seamlessly with my Canon EOS 30D camera.

I get to shoot directly from the camera, have the frames download instantly via USB and then hide and delete or hide frames as I choose. Then I can rearrange the shot frames any way I want. I can individually drag and drop frames anywhere in the sequence or I can even reverse all the frames I shot so they play backwards. This came in really handy for a shot I was doing in which one of the characters, Omulosi, was placing a drum on the ground. I had been having issues doing it straight ahead because the lest frames of the drum resting on the ground couldn’t match up so I was getting wierd shaky motion. When I shot it in reverse I was beginning from a point of rest so I was able to get smoother motion.


I haven’t had any major performance issues or bugs yet. Sometimes when working with audio I get a slight mismatch between audio and video, but this doesn’t happen when I export the movies.

The audio-syncing feature alone is worth in vesting in the software. I can shoot frames and then bring in audio and scrub along the time-line to choose where I want to start the audio.


Pricing aside I have no complaints. I couldn’t have done better at the time. If I had a Mac and was starting pre-production now, I would have seriously considered Dragon Stop Motion. It seems to have all the bell’s and whistles I love about stop motion pro at a cheaper price. Still, for the PC and using a DSLR, look no further than StopMotion Pro.

UPDATE [24/6/2008]

Techie note: I found out just last night that while shooting you really need to pay attention to the settings dial on the camera. In order to access the aperture and exposure settings. I made a mistake and set it to Automatic Depth of Field instead of manual and found myself wondering why I couldn’t  change the settings directly from the software. I even almost thought there was a problem with the camera or the software drivers for the camera.


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