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A Great Gift, Thanks Celtx

What a great birthday gift I got today! Not just for me, but for all the movie makers out there. Celtx has just released an update to their script writing and asset management software . Celtx is not a fancy word processor. It’s more than that. It allows you to lind movie production assets directly to your script including sounds, and photos. The completed project can then be shared over the web with collaborators via Celtx’s secure site, allowing the whole production team to literally read from the same script.


Version, according to the e-mail boasts a sexier interface, a module that lets you make storyboards, and enhanced script formatting capabilities not to forget index cards so that you never lose direction in the middle of a long script. In addition it allows you to add a column for narration. A welcome feature for documentary film makers. All these are significant improvements to an already great piece of software. They even have a new tag line: It’s the Story that Counts. And the best part is that it comes for free.

I have been a user of Celtx for over a year now and I can’t think of anything negative to say about the software. I have even used it to script comic books without any major issues. So now you know the script-writing/ asset management software of choice for Olokut.


I’m done selling you the idea already click here to take it for a spin. It’ll help you spin better stories.

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Why the Silence?

All has been quiet on the production front for the past two months. There is a good reason why. Click here for details. Olokut will resume production in October. Stay tuned…

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