So, What is Olokut About?

19 Jul

On a grand scale, this is what it’s about:

On a smaller scale (pun intended) it’s about a man who goes to great lengths to ensure that his son can inherit a better world than the one he lives in. I developed the idea for the contest on global warming.

I could have done a skit or something more like an animated illustration, but I really wanted to do a more cinematic piece. Something that would seem to be an extension of my previous short film, except this time in stop-motion.

So a week was spent thumbnailing, and from these thumbnails a story emerged. It was great, because this is how they initially developed cartoons in the thirties. No script. Just storyboards that were worked and re-worked until the gags were perfect. then they wrote the script. In retrospect I’m glad i did this because I may have gotten stuck somewhere in the middle if I tried to write out the script first. It was much easier for me to flesh out the idea in sketches, and then write the script. It also worked well because I could immediately trash ideas that weren’t working out well visually and and come up with better ideas. This may very well be the method I use to develop future short animations.

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Posted by on July 19, 2007 in Introduction, Pre-Production


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